Champions of the underprivileged..

School Built by the Trust

Sheetal Charitable Trust was incorporated in Kenya on 16th April 2005 by five Trustees namely, Balubhai P. Patel, Kiran T. Patel, Mukesh T. Amin, Jayeshkumar J. Patel and Vijaykumar R. Patel.

The Trustees are all industrialists &/or Businessmen and have been involved in Charitable Activities, as individuals, for many years with a view to elevating the standards of living of the needy in Kenya. The purpose of forming the Trust was to consolidate all available resources and finances amongst the group thereby facilitating the provision of larger and well planned projects to better server the Kenyan community at large.

Sheetal Charitable Trust currently has at hand a team of Consultants in several professions and over thirty personnel who can be mobilized for any project at short notice. All, including the Trustees, work on a voluntary basis with no cash or other benefits and travel, accomodation, food, beverage and other expenses being borne by the individuals. The administrative expenses are paid for by the Trustees.

The Principle Activities of the Trust are to:

  • assist the sick and needy by facilitating their medical expenses and subsidising medical treatment
  • provide educational grants to students who are unable to afford school fees, particularly for Secondary Schooling
  • to construct medical clinics, hospitals and schools in areas with inadequate or no such facilities
  • establish a Corpus Fund, seeking funds locally and internationally, and utilizing the investment returns towards the above causes

The trust has, in the past, provided various schools with text books, furniture (desks & chairs for students), water harvesting & storage facilities and even new classrooms in various parts of Kenya. Some of teh recently complete projects are:

  • A fully equiped Materntiy Hospital in Olgulului, near Namanga, in Kajiado County. There was no hospital in the surrounding area and expectant mothers had numerous difficulties, particularly travelling far distances, for deliveries. The hospital is now providing post-natal and pre-natal care. The cost of the project was approximately Kshs. 40 million.
  • One Classroom block for Mithanga Primary School consisting of four classrooms, fully furnished, in a remote area of Machakos County, costing Kshs 2.5 million.
  • School Books & Furniture for Telek Primary School, Loigere Primary School & Irbaan Primary School.

The total amount received as Donations by the Trust, for its various Projects, is Kshs. 50 million to date.

Sheetal means Peaceful, Gentle & Cool.